Friday, February 23, 2007

Adrian to Appear on Hungarian TV Show

According to Epizod Magazine:

Adrian says..

"I was asked by the film crew to talk about the Apartment that Alexandra was designing for renovation. The Apartment had high ceilings which definitely had plusses but the traffic flow wasn't good.
Since this is a hobby of mine, I enjoyed helping her with her first major project. One of the things we discussed at length was the need to modernise yet retain the original look which wasn't going to be easy as we were also intending to increase the living space by adding another floor. The challenge in any project like this is getting the best of the new, while also retaining the classic feel of the original structure. Alexandra's favourite style is a modern Baroque but she soon realized that this style wouldn't work here. So she went with a contemporary Mediterranean feel which pulled in the style of the large patio area out back. It should be beautiful when she's finished with it."

Thank you to Adrian Paul Gossip (translation)