Monday, February 26, 2007

Blikk Magazine: Practicing Kung Fu


Because of his Hungarian girlfriend Adrian Paul the world star of the TV series Highlander spends more and more time in our capital city. The action hero tries to keep himself in condition.
"I feel it necessary to continue my practices here. If I don't move enough, I can't concentrate and I get stressed. I have been doing kung-fu for fifteen years, but I only started with a Shaolin master in Los Angeles recently" ­ he said.

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Hi, This is not a comment as more a help question. You have info on your page about "MEET & GREET* *WIN TWO VIP TICKETS TO GRAND SLAM* *ATTEND SCREENING OF "THE SOURCE"* *VISIT SET OF ONE MILE DOWN* *WIN ONE-ON-ONE CHAT*" Where do l find out more info on these items. As l am figuring the 1 on 1 is with Adrian? and the Set Visit is actually "Nine Miles Down?" Can you please help me find out about these items and where l need to go. Webpages etc. Thank you for your help.

sheryl said...

Hi there..

Actually I decided to create this Blog as a platform where I can freely express my ideas and suggestions for both Adrian's fan club, charity and movie projects without being censored or banned from online chat rooms and bulletin boards.

However, at this moment in time they are ONLY MY IDEAS and nothing more. I have posted a note indicating this on the Blog. I hope I didn't cause any confusion?

But I would be very interested in hearing your feedback on the Blog and the ideas presented?