Saturday, June 2, 2007

Adrian Takes Lead in Sci Fi Film "Eyeborgs"

Director Richard Clabaugh

John S. Rushton

Luke Eberl

Megan Blake

Filming began in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in May.
Set in near future Winston-Salem, North Carolina, EYEBORGS combines action, horror, and political commentary in a tale of sophisticated surveillance robots going out of control. Following another 9/11 scale terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland Security takes extreme precautions to monitor the nation, including introducing small surveillance machines called

"Eyeborgs" that can not only monitor the populace but even enforce the law with potentially deadly force. Suffice it to say, the Eyeborgs go haywire; possibly due to sabotage or possibly due to the machines becoming sentient enough to reprogram themselves. A Homeland Security agent, TV reporter, and the President's punk rocker nephew join forces to find out the truth behind the Eyeborgs' major malfunction and find a way to control-alt-delete them once and for all.

EYEBORGS marks the first full length production from North Carolina based Crimson Wolf Productions and is directed by Richard Clabaugh, who previously helmed the giant snake eats Wil Wheaton, Jenny McCarthy, and Casper Van Dien opus PYTHON. A teaser trailer that’s designed to show things from the Eyeborg’s point of view but features a very brief cameo by the title gizmos at the very end is currently up on Crimson Wolf’s Eyeborgs page.
Adrian's site states: "Speak your mind but be kind" so here goes. He did his best work in Highlander. And Highlander was a period piece with costumes, history and romance and lots of action. Please, please no more Sci Fi, gore, blood and guts and screaming.. I want to see him go back to the type of work he did with Highlander. This best suits him...


Anonymous said...

I agree. Highlander the Series allowed Adrian to utalize practically every emotion an actor will ever portray. I wish him every success in his endeavors but gosh I sure miss Duncan of the Clan MacLeod. mary alice gerken

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the many people working on the film EYEBORGS so I admit I'm prejudiced, but I must say, give this movie a shot.

It is Sci Fi, and it has got some blood, but it also has a really smart story, a great look, some humor, amazing action stuff (which Adrian does VERY well) and Adrian Paul gives a stellar performance in the film.

It's hard to be sure how it will turn out just from working on the set, but what I've seen looks amazing. Very promising.

This could turn out to be a really great film for Adrian (who is wonderful!) and I recommend you wait and see the final thing before you pass judgment on it. Only time will tell, but some of us think this could be a major hit.