Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update: Filming of "The Heavy"

"The Heavy is a really cool film. It is a type of role I haven't played in a long time, and it has been great to come to set and work in England again. From all reports, the scenes have been going very well, and the producers and director are very happy with everything that is being shot. Personally, I have had a good time working at a pace that allows exploration of a role."
All the cast are very cool, and the crew are easy to work with. In fact, today was a day in Greenwich shooting the very last scene of the movie. It was a beautiful day, although I did a lot of waiting around at the beginning. So I wandered around and saw nearby the scaffolding erected around the Cutty Sark after the tragic fire that gutted it a week ago.
Gary Stretch and I play brothers at odds with each other. I can't tell you the story, but we come at life from very different perspectives, even though we come from the same family. The funny thing is, I usually play the role Gary is playing, so it is fun to come at things from a different angle.

Marcus Warren, the director, is very clear as to what he wants. Although this is his first directing job, he is calm and yet open to adding or deleting things at a moment's notice. We have done some interesting development of the characters along the way. I think he is going to do very well. All in all, I am very excited about this film.

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