Friday, July 13, 2007

Filming of "EYEBORGS" Has Wrapped

Adrian Paul stars as R.J. Gunner Reynolds

Monday July 9 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina...

Director Richard Clabaugh stated today: "We just wrapped filming on "EYEBORGS" last week and I'm just now getting around to answering the over 352 letters in my AOL account. The filming went well and Adrian was, as always, a joy to work with. He did a fantastic job and I really hope this film will be as great as we all hope it will be.

Certainly Adrian and all of us worked hard to make his character real, believable, sympathetic, proactive and dynamic. Adrian is a consummate professional and very detail oriented. His desire, shared by us all, to make this an exceptional story, was well appreciated. The story is meant to work on several levels.

On the surface it's a basic SciFi action film dealing with killer robots. (We liken it to "The Terminator" meets "24"). Of course, no one does action like Adrian Paul! His action scenes (and there are many) are amazing. The film has some "horror film" elements we hope will help sell the movie, but it's also a serious drama with a story we hope will surprise people. Adrian plays a complex character who has to undergo some changes in what he believes is right during the course of events. He has some great and heartfelt scenes as a performer and carries them off amazingly.

We're very eager to let Adrian Paul's fans know about what he's been working on and how excited we are about this project."...RC

**Thank you to Richard Clabaugh for your exclusive new pictures.


mary alice...impy said...

hopefully this will make the big screen and not go to DVD and then be picked up by scifi as a Saturday night horror film. Adrian needs to make the big screen. His acting abilities have long been overlooked by the movie producers in LA.

SHERYL said...

yes, I agree. time for the BIG SCREEN...