Monday, July 2, 2007

"Highlander" Ultimate DVD Box Ready October 8

Region 2 (Europe, Japan, Africa, Middle East)

Connor Macleod is immortal. He crosses the Ages from his Scotland of 1536, multiplying the meetings, the experiments and the combat… Car for more than 400 years Macleod has faced in fights without thank you of other immortal to gain the Price. The only means of killing it is to slice the head to them and it is what it √©vertue to be just like made since of the centuries its sworn enemy: Kurgan. A sadistic warrior having killed the majority of the immortal ones. It is in the New York of 1986 that Macleod prepares the ultimate combat which will make of him the last of the immortal ones. There can remain only one about it.”
(thank you to Mymy at 1592)

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