Sunday, August 12, 2007

Highlander Worldwide Announces Convention Guests

for the upcoming HLWW8 event October 5-7, 2007 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel.

In addition to the already impressive guest list of Adrian Paul, Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen, David Abramowitz, Ken Gord, Brandon Jerwa and Lee Moder.
We also look forward to welcoming:

**Peter Wingfield** despite a hugely busy year of commitments, we’d always hoped Peter would be able to attend the event and the man behind Methos has now confirmed his intention to be there.

**Gillian Horvath** who is now busy at work on the new series of Flash Gordon. Gillian has always been known as one of the key members of Highlander’s team, working with David Abramowitz and Bill Panzer as a Creative Consultant. She has attended many Highlander events over the years, though this will be her first HLWW event.

**Donna Lettow** Highlander’s Associate Creative Consultant. Donna has regularly teamed up with Gillian at conventions to bring funny, touching and always interesting inside-stories of Highlander production to the audience. We’re really glad she’ll be able to join us in Vancouver.

**F. Braun McAsh** a flashing blade with an even quicker wit and volumes of stories to tell. Braun has survived the ‘uncut and thrust’ of his appearance in Sydney and returns to our events ready to parry with guests and the audience.

**Asst Professor Shawn Shimpach** the author of the incisive and fascinating thesis, ’The Cosmopolitan Immortal’, which takes a look at both the mythical factors within the series and the practicalities and impact of the show itself. Shawn will be on hand to discuss that work and to spend time as an academic researcher 'Watcher' of popular culture play out over the weekend.

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