Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interview: "Wraiths of Roanoke" aka "Lost Colony"

Interview with Sci Fi's Thomas Vitale & Producer/Writer Rafael Jordan:
IFmagazine.com: SCI FI's Senior VP of Progamming and Original Movies Thomas Vitale talks about SCI FI's "Most Dangerous Night of Television" and some of their upcoming movies..... Here are some excerpts from the article where he talks about the ones I worked on.

"We've got a movie coming up later this year called "Wraiths of Roanoke" about the disappearance of the first permanent colony in the United States. We all learned in 5th grade social studies that this first attempt at a permanent colony disappeared without a single trace over one winter. No bodies were found, no equipment, no trace of these people at all. Just one strange word was carved into a tree. Well, in our movie, we tell the "real" story of what happened to this colony, and it's very, very scary."

Rafael states: "Wraiths of Roanoke" is what "Lost Colony" will be called when it airs on SCI FI (though the earlier press release from them indicated "The Lost Colony") which I wrote and produced. The snowman movie he's referring to is "Yeti: Curse of the Demon", which I wrote and co-produced, and "Copperhead" I just wrote for them this past spring. So be sure to tune in for all of them!

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mary alice...impy said...

Glad to hear that Lost Colony which will now be known as the Wraith of Roanoke was not dropped by scifi. Will keep checking my TV guide after The Source is shown 9/15 each Saturday from then on.