Monday, August 13, 2007

Update from "The Source" Composer George Kallis

George Kallis just put this out as a bulletin on his myspace. He says there will be a CD, probably with tracks that aren't available on the Itunes release!

Dear Friends / Highlander fans:

Just wanted to let you know that the digital soundtrack for the new Highlander film 'Highlander The Source' is now available from iTunes. This includes the orchestral underscore which has received fantastic reviews from the top soundtrack wesbites and also additional songs and interviews.

Because we have received lots of requests for a CD soundtrack release we are now working on this, and it is looking quite promising. If this is succesful, the CD will include nearly all of the original score and also parts that did not end up in the final version of the film.

Thank you to Brad at: ( submitted by AdrianPaulNewswire)

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mary alice...impy said...

Hope this happens sooner rather than later. Love the music for The Source. I do not have an Ipod or whatever it is you can download from Itunes. Please let us know when the CD will be available to the public