Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hungarian Website Interviews Adrian Paul (Translated)

Thank you to Eric for this New Translation:

Although he is not a well-known fact, the highlander's main character in a TV series is known well worldwide, Adrian Paul became popular as Duncan MacLeod is attached to Budapest. Much talked about this with pleasure in the actor's interview given to Kult?r partnak somebody else beside anything else....that you are attached to Hungary with serious threads, though this situation I have been coming to Hungary for 7 years. and I am becoming hooked on eating hungarian food. I shot a film here during those days, I took a liking to the city very much meanwhile, and I made many friends, not talking about my darling, who I recognized here likewise,. I like Budapest very much, architecture wise it is a wonderful city and the atmosphere can't be compared. Over the last seven years many changes have taken place.Budapest is changing it's direction, the buildings were clearer, the parliament was black actually when I saw first. (name) Az utak were significantly better, than they were then. The situation of course from my viewpoint, is that not perfect, but it is undergoing continuous, but I experience continuous development, something is always being built. The parks, the restaurants, night life is swarming, the general mood is full of life in the city especially every summer in those days comard to when I visited for the first time. It is no coincidence that more and more tourists have been comig here. I like to be here!Your ancestry is English, but you are of Italian descent if I understand it correctly. You have spent equally as much time in United States, you know the cultural mores and mannerisms of both, however you are a European at heart.I am European, and I will never lose my European world view. I feel as if I am missing something, of my European roots, when I remain in America for too long wihtout returning. The American mentality is radically different than the European. Each has it's benefits and his disadvantages. The language is the same, but there is a big difference.The words ar the same, however the modes of expression differ from each other radically. For instance, In England you make a question out of things. For instance: I could get a cup of coffee?, In America, Americans do not ask, but rather state their needs in a more direct fashio. For example: I want a coffee !It takes a bit of getting used to at first, and I have to always think about it, depending on wehre I am, it is not natural for me. I feel very comfortable here, as it is more of what I am used to. I spent much time in Italy and in France, and I have spent a relatively great amount of time in Hungary.what is the difference in the film industry's characters and mentality? The Americans in generality have bought a superb quality to the manner of the work, and this is not only true for the film industry. The American Industry wants their their product to be the best it can possibly be, and will spare no costs in trying achieve as such. They have a superb skill of organization to accompany and they bar they set is extraordinarily efficienct.At the same time, this is also true of the English, they are vety resolute, structured, and they work professionally. In continental Europe this tightened pace is unheard of, they use a more looser approach, as it allows for more potential, to see where it goes as it is being developed. Their approach is one of "Okay, let's test this, examine it, it is possible to come out with something entirely different, they may decided to use this feature, or a part of it. I enjoy this method sometimes.Duncan MacLeod is your most known role yet, although it has been a decade since the series ended. Carrying a series, with such a cult film following like this, much have been a pretty heavy weight to carry on your back, in order to please the serious fans, and their expectations of what they wanted to see in the Highlander.( This next part is difficut to translate)Next I walked in to casting. I saw the casting search and decided to read for the second 1st part, it would be another year and a half, before it was decided that I would play the leading role.I should add something else to this, whole process. I said to them, when I was one of the considerations. I said after the selection process of a year and a half, " I am their man,". They decided not search that long. I was seen first though. Others auditioned as well, but finally, they decided to pick me. There was initially some concern in picking me initially, since as your said before, Highlander was a real cult film, nobody wanted to replace Christopher Lambert by making me too similar, as he had his own following. Originally, Connor MacLeod's character, was supposed to be at the core and center of the, but the producers decided to go with my proposal the producers with this concept instead of me being a cousin of Connor, and therefor the focus would be on Duncan.This solution, was exceeding simply and solved the problem in a skillful way, moreover, that Christopher was written into the first episode. It lead well into in to each other, and built into the threads of the story and each of it's charaters well. Nobody expected the series to be identical to the film, and Christopher did not want the series to be identical either.Is the highlander not missing? In November, 1997, 10 years ago was the last season. The staff, the people, the positive mood, and I miss the "the beautiful cheque" of which hold was got on all weeks of course, but himself the series, the role not. I feel, We got out of him, everything that was in him. I have been successful since then as I continue to work, and completed four films this year.

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