Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adrian & Alex Rennovation Clip #1

"Adrian speaks about living in Budapest for 6 years, and how he adores the city. They looked around at many apartments and liked the style and possibilities of this one. They also liked the area the apartment is in and it is easy to get around with the train station close by. Adrian mentions how he likes to mix styles with a modern and old feel together. He mentions how he and Alex think alike, and they want the flat to have a Mediterranean feeling as the courtyard has a Mediterranean style to it. Alex talks about studying interior decoration, but she hasn't the necessary experience, that's why she asked her teacher(Juli) to help them plan their flat.The teacher praises Alex saying she is a good pupil and that Alex and Adrian both have a very good sense of style. Alex says how she adores the baroque, but it does not suit this apartment.Adrian’s name was spelt wrong in the first episode but corrected before the next aired."
Thanks to (Victoria) and Riley Ringo (Photos)

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