Monday, March 24, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #2

Alex shows the different areas of the apartment:first the kitchen (the big hole) then the fridge (she shows it with both arms) a little study (when they are standing in front of the ladder)and you can go out to an areaway (it's called Lichthof in Hungarian, the same as the original German word)Alex still doesn't know what their plans are with this little open space, a barbeque area maybe, but there is the window of the neighbor, so there isn't a lot of privacy there.There will be a bedroom upstairs, you can see a drawing where there will be a new window in the wall and behind the hole in the wall, there will be a bathroom. After being asked by the TV host about the Bathroom space Adrian says how he likes big bathrooms and would be happy if the whole upper level would become a big bathroom. Adrian then gets asked about the differences around the world when he has dealt with contractors in other countries. Adrian’s answer “You know that’s funny, contractors are usually the most unreliable people l have ever met and are the same everywhere, but Csaba is great, he is so on time l can not believe it” Alex then translates what Adrian has said.
Thank you to Victoria and Riley (Photo)

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