Monday, April 14, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #4

They are painting floors&walls .Workers are applying stuccos. Asks why there are stuccos,notices they are plastic. Worker answers,it looks good&is useful.Hides a conduit with moodlighting lights. Will be painted twice & look like plaster. She is unhappy,hoped to meet Adrian.Worker says always a surprise when Adrian visits. They try to make big changes for next visit. She asks if A&A are pleased withthe work. Answers yes&workers work fast and well.The girl&Juli chat about parquet. Juli has in hand a piece of hard-wood parquet. Laminated parquet is chipboard covered by a plastic foil&allyl resin enamel.She asks which is more durable.Traditional because it can be trimmed& tolerates water . Costs more&placement takes more time. You can lay them using floor joist or adhesive.This parquet is glued.There are many directions & lines in flat because of difference between the old&new level of ceiling.They don’t use many colors,it would be too much, it would make a flickering impression.

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