Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #3

Adrian isn't here because there is casting time in the US and he had to fly there. On the left, just when you enter the flat, there will be a little bathroom. If I remember well, the reporter's name is Szilárd. He likes the room he sees, it's nice, spacious. The arch will stay. Szilárd asks if Alex could tell him some gossip about Adrian. He already knows that they don't drink coffee. Alex says that the main sin of Adrian is that he likes dark chocolate very much. It's bad because he exercises every day and eats generally healthy, fitness food, but he also eats every day chocolate. He doesn't smoke. Upstairs, Juli is looking at the scheme of the lighting. The cables are placed in plasterboard. It should be reinforced with metal inside if you want to put some heavy furniture on it, like radiator. But here, there is no need of it.
Thanks to Victoria for the video & Riley for the Photo

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