Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #5

Alex explains she bought the cake... it's very fine italian with chocolate. Offers to reporter says he would like to,but will look around first. Asks Adrian when did he arrive back. Month& a half ago. Adrian explains he is working in Budapest on a movie in January.

Szilárd likes the fresco Living-room. Asks how they chose it. Alex’s father felt the ceiling seemed empty. Alex began to look for a painting...something italian, european. Adrian likes the room&ceiling.Adrian loves his study because it only belongs to him. It is where he relax’s the most. His"little office"is very comfortable. To do business,you need to be comfortable.Adrian can sit here all day while he writes. Adrian explains how the styles of old new mix well.The paintings are part antique, part contemporary.This one is of a hungarian painterTamás Ajtai.
The desk is from Alex's old flat. Armchair from a flea market.Old bricks with initials of different families. Alex tried to save the original spirit of the unit&respect its past.
Picture of Adrian in his new office thanks to Riley Ringo.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Thanks. Needs some color, here and there. Mix of some old, some new. Eclectic must be their sytle.