Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #6

They talk in the kitchen about Hungarian kitchens being Americanized. Alex says,the kitchen is "tailor-made".They only had a small space for the kitchen,because behind the door next to Juli,there is a gas furnace that heats the flat.Also the dishwasher, oven,microwave are built-in.There is not much space for storage,that's why every little corner is used.Szilárd asks how often they are in the kitchen.Alex answers quite often saying that it is Adrian who does the cooking.They talk about how wine is very important in Italian households during meals.Alex shows how the wall behind the cupboard isn't straight,but they did not want the cupboard to follow this corner. Alex wanted the upper cupboard&counter to be in the same line.Szilárd asks Adrian if he can cook Hungarian food.He answers that he cooks pasta.Szilárd asks him if he cooks "gulyásleves".Adrian answers,it's easy,it's only a soup. (They laugh,because for Hungarian people,the gulyás soup is much more than "just a soup")

(Picture c/o Riley Ringo)


Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance but what is 'Next to Juli?'

SHERYL said...

I think the english translaton says its a gas furnace.

Anonymous said...

ok Thanks!