Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adrian & Alex Renovation Clip #7

Alex asks Szilárd if he likes the wrought iron handrail,he says yes.Alex names artisan who made it.The handrail was made to look antique to match the luster.Szilárd likes the bathroom.Alex says the contractor helped as he understood how Alex imagined her future home.Alex bought a small mirror,sent photos to Adrian.He didn't like it,because it was to small.They changed it to a bigger one & it looks much better, makes the room seem bigger.Adrian enters with cakes.He loves big bedrooms,but here it is small, because it's the second floor.They had to make some compromises.He likes the arches.The contractor promises that he would be ready in a week, but it was 2or3 weeks.Adrian speaks about Csaba(contractor). Alex says that it was hard, but Juli helped her a lot. Juli says Alex doesn't know the Hungarian conditions well, but she is a good decorator & she would have succeeded without help.Szilárd likes the flat & wishes them good times.Adrian promises they will relax here.
Picture thanks to Riley Ringo.


Anonymous said...

Was susrprized as the house looks so cold and actually gave me an unwelcome feeling. It is not homey at all and that totally surprised me as even MacLeods barge looked homey and warm.

SHERYL said...

I think that if they could paint the walls a goldish-color rather then the stark white this would warm up the rooms. And try and add some more red & orange pieces for color??

Anonymous said...

Those high ceilings even if painted a soft mocha color would make the place homey. Even the furniture was so modern the place looked more like a model home that had been furnished to sell, not to live in.