Saturday, August 23, 2008

FirstGiving Helps Fans Raise Money Via Online Events

The ladies participating in the "Pounds for Peace" can create their own online landing page.where they can keep track of pledges, sponsors and donations. Basic Accounts are FREE.
Firstgiving is the US office of the Giving Group Ltd, which has also operated our UK-based company, Justgiving, since 1999. We opened in 2003 in Lexington, MA, and received certification from the Better Business Bureau in 2004. Now in Davis Square, Somerville, we have helped raise money online for over 12,000 different nonprofit organizations.
At any given time, there are aver 15,000 active individual internet fundraising pages, each of which will raise an average of $400 for its cause.
2.5% processing
5% administrative
Total Fees 7.5%
Note: $25.00 donation would give the charity $23.12

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