Friday, September 12, 2008

CafePress Proposed for Adrian in July

Excuse me!!!..... BUT this is my idea... I proposed Cafepress here at this blog in 2007 and again July 1 2008. And on Sept 13, Adrian opened a new Cafe store. (See Blog July 1)
Look...It's great that someone liked my ideas.....And I'm not concerned about money. I'm comfortable. I have a home based job with a public relations/marketing firm...our clients are attorneys. But wouldn't it be considerate & professional to give credit where credit is due and to thank people properly?? Someone else is helping them to get their jobs done!!!

The Highlander Set Visit & Cameo Role Auction in 2005 ($26,000 raised for the Peacefund. Idea given to Adrian's bodyguard in e-mail five months earlier.

Myself, Riley and other fans submitted the charity to the Ebay/CharityWorks system so that we could run auctions. Since January, I have raised $1,028 for his Peacefund...To this day I have never received a thank card or letter so I discontinued fundraising.

I also saw a casting notice at ShowFax last year for "Captain Drake" and suggested Adrian for this role at this blog. Five weeks later he won the role
(See Sept 2007 Archives)

This blog was originally created in February 2007 because his management blocked and censored me from all boards, lists and forums in this community. I wanted to discuss ideas for the charity and film.

Please note all these problems began in Spring of 2003 when... every time I simply posted "NEWS" about AP films, Ms. Gomez shot me an email telling me to "get a job, "get a life & stop posting." was relentless!!

I have a passion for this work.... So if someone would like to talk to me about becoming a consultant, I would be interested in discussing this idea but PLEASE STOP USING PEOPLE!!

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Anonymous said...

Long time no see, Sheryl. Z said you were feeling down, so I thought I'd come over and see how you're doing.

Look, I send ideas to Carmel all the time for PEACE. If they're useful, good: it's for the kids. If not, no harm done. Carmel appreciates good ideas, and is too polite to comment on the stupid ones :) , but I've never talked to AP, and never received a personal thanks. But it doesn't matter,the ideas are for the kids, not for him. And, anyway, of the ideas that do get used, I can't tell which ideas are mine and which were proposed by a dozen other folks with the same thoughts.

I know you want to help the kids, too; you've shown that. You've tried to do a lot for AP, himself, though, and he doesn't get it. Maybe you should just dump the guy? I know you said AP thanked you very nicely on the phone when you participated in the auction, but if he really is just using your ideas and not appreciating you, then give him the shove. Find a person or cause that is more rewarding. You have a lot of heart and talent and could really make a difference somewhere.

PS, this is such a pretty website!