Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Eyeborgs" to Screen January 17

Director Richard Clabaugh posted the following at his myspace website: "Hey everyone and thanks for hanging in there with us for so long as we got this film through a very complex and amazing post process. Who knew it would take so long for a handful of people to create well over 620 high quality, photorealistic, visual effects shots of all kinds of killer robots in murderous action in full Super-35mm widescreen resolution? I mean, it SOUNDED like it would be easy, right? (Okay, so it didn't, but we did actually do it and they look awesome!)Now the EYEBORGS are nearly ready to strike!See for yourself, check out our most recent teaser trailer (30-sec) at our main http://www.eyeborgs.com/..... (These screenings are for movie distributors)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl,

That little kid in the revised blog corner has a Mercedes Benz logo on its breast, not a peace symbol. Where did you get it? The photo looks more like a satirical comment on rearing a kid to love conspicuous consumption than something the PEACE Fund would use.