Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adrian Appears on Hungarian TV

Adrian appeared on "Esti Frizbi" StoryTV. The interview will be seen Sunday 1st February in Hungary. One of Adrian's fans has been kind enough to translate a bit:

Over the years since living in Budapest with Hungarian-born actor's friend met a beauty contest. Alexandra Tonellivel still form a party, and live on Capital, Budapest, despite the fact that in Los Angeles, London, Canada is home. The former hegylakónak Hungarian number of very good friends, including David Merlini. Currently, a common turn Majkával and Ferenc Hujber movie. The actor also tells Peter Hajdú, Night of the Ultimate Frisbee mûsorvezetõjének what sport you kondiban for many years, which will also show the viewer the story Sunday night TV program is shown. The star also has also tells us how it is planned and future girlfriend reveals that among other things, how to exercise...

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