Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Eyeborgs" to Screen at Major USA Cities

Posted at the Eyeborgs blog yesterday....."Great stuff is happening.We're rolling along here and getting very close to announcing some big things, including some sneak preview dates where we will be screening the film in a few major cities and at a couple key fan events for a select audience to help spread the word.More and more of the final effects shots are rolling in every day but EYEBORGS remains a very BIG little movie. The number of effects exceeds that in the first "TRANSFORMERS" movie and we're fighting to keep them of the highest possible quality while doing them on a fraction of the budget. It's a huge undertaking and it takes time and talented individuals committed to quality, but we think we've got them and that everyone is going to be blown away when they see what our visual effects people have created.Watch this space! In the next month we hope to have some announcements of some things everyone's been waiting to hear!You've all been patient, now stay tuned, this ride is about to get very exciting! ?

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