Monday, April 13, 2009

"Eyeborgs" Producer Thanks Fans

As posted at the Eyeborgs Blog:

At Technicolor Current mood: stoked Everyone is incredibly excited about the upcoming screenings. We're thrilled about the World Premiere in London and the reaction and excitement of the Highlander Worldwide fans has us all really jazzed! Thank you all for your kind words on the previous blog entry.Now we're on the final steps of the process.As I write this it's nearing midnight and I'm sitting in a basement in Hollywood with Kenny Wilson, the film's Director of Photography, and Marc Wielage, an expert colorist who counts among his many credits having worked with George Lucas on the recent HD transfers of STAR WARS, among about 400 other major films. We're at Technicolor in Hollywood. This is one of the little known processes every film goes through at the end, color correction for final display. What's odd about our movie is that we're still getting in visual effects shots as we're doing this, and will be up to the last minute, but the film is looking good, the effects are looking great, Adriran Paul is amazing, as is the rest of the cast and the robots are looking, quite literally, killer.I wanted to thank all the fans who've posted such nice things recently about the film We can't express how much we appreciate your support and how much we think you're really going to love this movie when you see it.Keep watchin here for updates. Counting the days now to our public showings.

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