Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eyeborgs Review: "Action, Humor, Political Satire..with a Flair"

Reviewer attended the London Sci Fi Film Festival on April 29th.

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Shaun said...

My girlfriend told me about Eyeborgs last week, immediately I had flashback to when she wanted me to watch Highlander, The Source with her. All I could think of was the ice pick I wanted to pick my eyes out with, that movie was just not a good movie at all. I decided I would ask the all knowing movie geek that I work with at DISH and get his perspective on it, and I was shocked when he told me that is was entertaining for B movie, and that he liked Adrian Paul in it. So I decided I would watch it with her, so I got onto my movie channels that come with my blockbuster @home but I couldn’t find it there. I did however find it on the DVD by mail side, so when it came two days later I surprised her with it, and I will admit I was surprised by the movie as well, definitely a B movie, but not bad at all. I almost wanted Adrian to pull out a sword and start hacking up some Eyeborgs, but that would just be ridiculous to see.