Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crimson Wolf Takes "Eyeborgs" to Cannes

As posted at the Eyeborgs Blog:

Crimson Wolf Productions had two screenings of Eyeborgs in CANNES, FRANCE as part of the famous Cannes International Film Festival and Market. The event was a huge success for us and we have received wonderful responses from interested distributors and sales agents representing many major territories. We are in discussions now and will provide you more information on those opportunities as they finalize. In short, it has been a great roll-out month for EYEBORGS, with wonderful reviews, enthusiastic and well received screenings and exciting discussions for International Distribution of the film.

We are currently lining up screening in Los Angeles for select US Distribution Companies and are very optimistic, based on discussions so far, that we will have good news on that front in the weeks ahead.We want to thank all who’ve helped get the film this far and supported us by playing a part in any of these events and ask you to continue spreading the word about the film.Thank you all for your support!

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