Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOTW:Goliath to Launch at Comic Convention

As posted at the WOTW:Goliath facebook site:

"Our DVD movie will be officially launched at the San Diego Comic-Con, 23-26 July. Get exclusive previews of "The War of the Worlds: Goliath" trailer, as well as a special "behind-the-scenes" presentation. And we're having special "meet & greet" sessions with our voice cast,
daily and, to cap it off, we've got exclusive giveaways, first come, first served!
You can find us at the HEAVY METAL BOOTH, no. 1629, near the Warner Bros booth.

More info on the actual voice actor appearances will be announced soon..

Tickets are being sold by the organizers on Ebay daily.


Anonymous said...

I think it was very nice of you to have the candle for both Michael and Farrah. I have not seen anything else on any AP web sites on either one them.

SHERYL said...

I got up Thursday morning and I went to read emails and the first thing I saw was the announcement of Farrah's passing. I had watched her documentary on TV last month and it had me crying.

You see Farrah had liver cancer just like my own Mother who passed very quickly in 2006. I saw what Farrah went through. And I just thank God my Mom was only ill with this disease for 3 weeks.

The Jackson announcement came just a few hours later. What a shock!