Monday, September 21, 2009

Peace Fund Donates $10,000 to COTA

and launches new Peace Fund Blog....

I just posted my ideas over there.. All 3 of my messages state: "waiting for moderation? Will they be approved?

Update: I just went back at 4 pm PST. Someone else's messsage WAS posted. My 3 messages have NOT been approved. Adrian, this is going to be a continuation of past years; folks are blocked, banned and censored. I have NOT been able to post or participate on any boards or lists for over 2.5 yrs. More games....Not a free exchange of ideas....nothing to be gained this way. This is how they treat folks who make $1,000 donations to the Peace Fund. Please count me OUT. These people will never change. (Please See 5 Comments)

Update: I can see that the management issued a statement that all ideas were removed and will be transferred to the another board when its ready. Why do they need two boards??
How do they explain why they would not allow me to participate at Adrians website board or anywhere else since 2007?


Anonymous said...

Well they can do whatever they wish on their own website. Do you not *block ban and censor* here?

SHERYL said...

No.. I DO NOT evoke censorship here unless foul language is used. Why put up a board and ask for ideas when you are going to "moderate" or censor folks
It defeats the purpose entirely
and is a wasteful effort.

Anonymous said...

It is actually the FORUM which is intended to be a place where you can discuss your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on Charitable related topics and it is not up and running yet. Try posting your suggestions there once it is up and running. :) The blog is not intended for that purpose.

SHERYL said...

thank you for clarifying this for me however I honestly don't believe that was the reason why the messages were not allowed through today.

I have been unable to particiapte on any board or list related to
Adrian Paul or Highlander for over 2.5 yrs...Sheryl

SHERYL said...

I know it seems like I over-reacted today however it relates to things that have happened in the past.

I have had many ideas for the Peace Fund over the years. Several of these ideas were emailed or posted here at this blog. They were then used by the organization. I never once received a word of thanks or a heads up..this really hurt me

For example:
*Highlander Set Visit & Cameo Role
*Cafe Press Stores (see this Blog)
*Sold books and raised $1,000 in 2008

Anonymous said...

It seems that the PEACE blog has now issued a statement with regards to posts offering marketing and fundraising ideas being transfered to the PEACE Forum once it becomes live.

It seems the Blog is more of a News Feed, rather than actual discussion of ideas, which I believe is what the Forum will be for.

I know it can be quite annoying if ideas you have are used by someone and not credited, but it could be that ideas you've suggested may of already been in planning and when you've posted it to your blog it was most likely coincidental, just a thought.

SHERYL said...

As to my ideas, The Highlander Set visit & Cameo Role was emailed to Adrian's bodyguard 5-6 months before the actual event occured. And the Cafe Press was on this blog back in 2007 (2 years ago). Remember? hey originally planned on selling the merchandise at the JumpCons but those events fell apart.

Then there was a Captain Drake that appeared here on this blog
a month before Adrian even had
the part. Truly interesting!

In the past I was sent emails telling me to leave, go away and get a life. And I was smeared
and slandered in the apfc room.
John Bierly had to remove all kinds of nasty verbage from that room.

So this blog was created in 2007 as a place that I could freely speak my mind..sheryl

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind my saying, you cannot take credit for Adrian landing the role in Drake. When Rafael Jordan wrote *The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake* he said himself that he did so with Adrian in mind to play the role of Drake, because he had already worked with him in Wraithes of Roanoke a couple of years prior to Drake! So I think Adrian knew about the role and was considering the role long before you suggested it for him.

Anonymous said...

I think the ideas and suggestions are just that and should be treated as such.

I have had times in the past where I've had ideas and put them in public view and they have been used on television. But I'm just one person and someone may just have the same creative mind as myself and think of these ideas and suggestions.

Just because you had an idea and posted it on a blog, it doesn't give you or anyone any right to claim it was your idea as with the millions of people in the world some ideas can be the same, some peoples visions are the same.

Also there are legals issues if something is posted and taken out of context and compromises an actors career.

I'm not trying to pick on you so please don't think that I am with what I am posting, I just think you should sit back and think to yourself that if your ideas are being used and you believe you were the one that made them do it then consider yourself proud that it has happened.

Don't ask for thanks by anyone as you will not likely get it as it's a big world out there, and if you are posting suggestions and ideas for anyone not just Adrian, The PEACE Fund or any affiliation for your own personal gain, that is wrong.

There is a lot out there that shouldn't be in public view, but with the internet it is hard to keep things under wraps anymore, and I can see that from a business standpoint, how it would most likely not be possible to thank you.

SHERYL said...

In regards to Captain Drake, all I know is that I personally saw the casting notice posted at the Showfax for actor to play Drake.

Anonymous said...

Regards to your update. As far as I know The AP Message Board on his website is not run by the same managment people that run the website. So it may be an issue that you will need to take up with the Administrator of the AP Message Board.

You can do so by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Message Board.

And there isn't two board. The PEACE Fund blog isn't a board, it is a blog of information. It's for news to be posted and for users to comment if they so wish, it is a way of getting PEACE Fund news out there.

This is from the PEACE website.

"The Forum will be a place where you can discuss your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on Charitable related topics. It is a place we hope you will use to help us create a network between the charities we help and people who might be able to share information or ideas that will further the Peace Fund’s mandate to protect Educate and Aid children Everywhere."

The Message Board Forum as I understand will be a network where charity members can discuss ideas etc, members of the public can discuss. As well as the people who PEACE have helped can post.

SHERYL said...

Just to let you know I have tried to take up these issues with his management and the people who run that ap board. They have just ignore.

In regards to the thanking issue,
you can't continuously ask folks to donate funds to your charity,
when you never thank them
properly. As time goes by people will just step away. For instance, in 2008 I sold books on Ebay and raised $1,000 for Peace. Not once did I hear a word of thanks so of course I stopped and I have not given anything since.

SHERYL said...

Please don't get me wrong. I think the charity has a huge potential to do great work. It hasn't reached that potential. That is the reason why I would like to help out. And why the ideas are posted here!