Sunday, November 1, 2009

OT--Michael Jackson Heals the World

I know this doesn't relate to Adrian but I just thought I would mention that I went to go see "This is It" last night. A good night to go the movies since the kids were all out trick or treating.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I found myself smiling throughout the entire movie.  Michael looked happy,healthy and passionate about what he was doing.. And very pleased with the way the rehearsals were going.  There is alot of behind the scenes preparation, special effects and gimmicks but at the end  we see him singing and dancing alone to Billy Jean with his back up dancers jumping up and down cheering
him on. They were fans just as much as we are.

The guy was still "Michael Jackson".  And the rumors about him looking ill or tired just don't pan out. This would have been the most incredible concert and would have defintely put him back on top. And he also seemed to have a very strong theme: healing the world....Defintely go see this movie

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