Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deadline to Help Adrian Paul's Peace Fund (FREE)

(event has ended.  Peace Fund had 110 votes cast.
Chase Community Giving on Facebook is no joke. They are doling out $5 million -- but only to nonprofit organizations that operate on less than $10 million a year. They are doing it in some pretty interesting -- and compelling -- increments: $25,000 goes to every organization that is in the top 100 list for votes received from November 15 until December 11. Another $100,000 will go to the top 5 and $1 million to the organization

If you haven't voted for peace Fund yet please go go do it now (IT'S FREE). You can only vote once so ask all your friends and family on Facebook to help us too!!

Most of the votes seem to come from Facebook Peace fund where there are 253 people. I sent emails to all of them and riley posted in APFC and HLWW.

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