Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peace Fund: Forum, Twitter, Facebook Chase & Cafe Press

I'm going to try and do this one more time now that I have calmed myself down and taken a long walk. I see the Peace Fund has implemented Facebook, Twitter and a new forum board where they are discussing the JP Chase Contest I personally worked on for weeks.(FYI, there is already a discussion board connected to Facebook peace Fund). I put alot of time and effort into all this; its obvious to me that my ideas are being used but I'm confused!!

Today Carmel created a Peace Fund account on Twitter. However, I have been up on Twitter since May 2009 talking Adrian Paul and Peace Fund (8 months); this was started by me. Also, I seem to be the (Adminstrator) of a Facebook Causes room. Is this the official Peace Fund Facebook?...No one has communicated anything to me.

In regards to JP Chase, I know Carmel made the first vote but after that she walked away. I did the work; hundreds of people were emailed from
Facebook. Nothing was posted in her chat room so I had to ask Riley to post in APFC & HLWW for me. I am unable to do this because I was banned & blocked from these chat rooms in late 2006. The info about the contest appears on the new forum board today but why wasn't it up on the site during the contest? What is the point of it now?

If it seems like I over-reacting its because this has happened before
in the past (i.e. Highlander Set Visit & Cameo role). Cafe Press was also posted at this blog...Ask James. Also Riley & myself & others submitted the charity to Ebay Giving Works. In 2008 I raised $1,000 on Ebay from the textbooks. still waiting for a word of thanks.

What I wanted was to be acknowledge and thanked and made to feel part of
THE TEAM. But unfortunatley I don't think they are capable of this and I doubt they will ever change. I have taken my things off of Ebay


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