Friday, July 16, 2010

Highlander Cast Interviews in Paris

This has been translated from French to English via electronic translator:

All the team of the series Highlander was present at the time of the Stupid Comic' of Paris. met them. VIDEO.

Park of the expositions of Villepinte Paris North, the heat pushes the visitors to press itself inside the immense parlor that groups together the Stupid Comic' and the Japan Expo. All are there to approach to the most near, the time of a weekend, the universes of their series, films or ate favorite.

To the jam-packed detour of an avenue, a panel announces "Highlander Alley". As this is usage in this demonstration kind, the actors of today stopped series lend themselves to the game of the dedicate. Adrian Paul, aka Duncan McLeod, cut his ponytail and left his katana to the vestiaire. It welcomes the fans with a wide one to smile, speaking an impeccable French.

France likes them Highlander is a pulled series of the universe of the film eponym realized in 1986 by Russell Mulcahy with Christophe Lambert and Sean Connery. The history of immortal ones that confront themselves through the centuries to big blows of decapitations to the sword, the survivor of the taking duel the very force of the loser. The series concentrates on Duncan McLeod (Adrian Paul), cousin of Connor McLeod (Christophe Lambert). Canadian French production, the show was turned between Vancouver (Canada) and Paris, where the action is situated in the two last seasons.

The actors of the program are themselves therefore all rediscovered in the French capital history to share the fans and to remember their good past moments in France. It is necessary to say that to each of their apparitions, the French public shows itself very enthusiast. Broadcast since 1993 by TF1 then M6, the series stops themselves in 1998 after six seasons and 119 episodes of 42 minutes. Many young French actors there will do besides their beginning as Franck Dubosc, LorĂ nt Deutsch or again Marion Cotillard.

It is with nostalgia and pleasure that Adrian Paul and all the members of the team recollect themselves their adventure together. Highlander will have marked the career of each, they return for on the love that they have for France and his public:

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Thanks for the translation sheryl. Some of that comes across quite humorously LOL *stupid comic of Paris*. But the gist of it is there anyway.