Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOTW:Goliath San Diego Comic Con Interview

Director, Joe Pearson at the San Diego Comic-Con last July had a lot of great new info about the movie. We know that the movie might come out this winter to DVD, but it's more likely to come out this spring 2011 in limited worldwide theaters. If everything goes to plan, that extra time will be used to convert the movie to 3D! They should know in the next month if that will happen.

When it does get released, there might be different packaging for the DVD with art books relating to Highlander, Heavy Metal, or musician Jeff Wayne. There might also be other merchandising, such as toys. Also, they're thinking about having the next Summer issue of Heavy Metal to include 110 pages of War Of The Worlds. As for the future of Tripod Entertainment, we might see some other properties developed into $20 million live action movies, such as 24 Hour Man (printed in July 2001 and January 2009). Go here to listen to the full interview

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