Friday, November 11, 2011

Adrian Meets the Press in Moscow

A press-conference with a famous English actor Adrian Paul, well-known Russian bodybuilder Alexander Nevsky and vice-president of the World Bodybuilding Federation Mikhail Diakonov was held in Korston Hotel Moscow yesterday. Alexander and Mikhail presented to journalists a book named «Fitness and physical training encyclopedia». They also talked about new Grand Prix Bodybuilding Festival and free sport trainings with celebrities. At the end of the evening Moscow Heat, a new film with A.Paul and A.Nevski, was presented on all LCD’s of the Galileo sport bar.

Note: Does anyone else see what looks like a PeaceBullet necklace?


Anonymous said...

Adrian really gets around doesn't he! It's nice to see him out there being seen and meeting fans in Russia where he's very popular and so is Highlander!

Anonymous said...

No, it isn't that bullet necklace. You can quite clearly see that it is not in the pictures posted on his facebook page.