Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adrian Paul - The PEACE Fund - Charity message

The children in the rural Bacau Romanian village of Vultureni have long been in desperate need of something we take for granted every day. Something that they have never had in their lives, simple dental care.
Finally through great struggles they have managed to find an adequate water supply, build a new dispensary and after finding a dentist willing to donate his talent and time to the village, they have dedicated a place for the site of the dental surgery. All they now need are the remaining funds to purchase the dental equipment. And that's why the PEACE Fund is asking for YOUR help.
With the help of a student run charity in Budapest we have already raised $10,000 against a target goal of $15,000. Can you help us raise the rest? Can you spare $5, $10 or perhaps even more to give these children a Christmas present that will give them a chance for a healthier tomorrow?

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