Monday, February 13, 2012

AP Attends Victoria Burrows Paws Fundraiser

Actors Adrian Paul, Clint Howard, Billy Boyd & Director Uwe Boll gathered together at the Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank tonight to raise money for Star Paws Rescue.

Star Paws Rescue is an independent unfunded dog rescue organization spearheaded by Victoria Burrows. Paws rescues abandoned, injured and death row dogs from the streets and pounds of Los Angeles, with the end goal of finding and delivering these... dogs to good homes.

And I was there to help out the cause. Participated in a red carpet Photo Opp with Adrian. And I asked him to autograph a picture taken several years ago at a Burbank Con. The picture had been sitting on a shelf in my office but was a bit battered. He noticed!!

What did I ask Adrian? I wondered if the Peace Fund had reached its goal to fund the dental cliinic in Romania. He said they did!

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