Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mercy & Sharing Needs Help in Haiti

Update:  Five New Children Have a Home
One of the babies died before we arrived. Where did he go? To the morgue. Then to a mass grave that we pass daily and is actually on the way to our M&S Village and the orphanage.

There are only 6 children left and all are very small and hungry and thirsty. That is a complete understatement.

One little boy was tied to a chair because he constantly t...ried to lick the filthy floor and crawls outside to eat the dirt. He was chewing his own skin when we left. He is 5. The others are less than 1 year old, starving, 2 with fever, one of which is suffering from convulsion because of the fever. All have been there for 6 weeks to 2 months.

The situation at the General Hospital has deteriorated to the point that our Medical Director asked that he be able to return weekly to offer his help. After the earthquake the General Hospital was packed with aid workers and doctors from all over the world. But now, no one is there.

We are unable to take in more children without additional funding -- our staff is stretched to the limit as is.

Thank you, from Haiti,

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