Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FilmBlips Prepares Battle Ground Zero Sizzle Reel

Filmblips has recently finished a sizzle reel for Battle Ground Zero, an action/adventure film and television series that crosses the classic morality of Lord of the Flies with the terror and timeliness of 28 Days Later.

"It has taken us way too long to produce this concept piece," explained Adrian Paul. "But we had to get it right. We hired a very talented graphic novel artist named John Watkiss to do the artwork, and he has produced some riveting images that we're confident will help us take this project to the next level."

Writer Viktor Gaal has also turned his original Battle Ground Zero screenplay into a book. "I wanted the novel to be as authentic as possible," Gaal said. "So I placed the events in the places I know best in England. It has layers upon layers; a lot of amazing ideas came out of the process, and I greatly improved upon the story. If I have to compare, it's The Walking Dead infused with The Matrix and Fight Club."

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