Friday, August 30, 2013

Echo Planet Speaks to Adrian in Moscow during Filming of Black Rose

Here is the total interview translated from Russian:

Adrian Paul , famous for his portrayal of the beloved Duncan MacLeod - the Englishman , his mother - an Italian , and the first time he appeared on screen in the form of Russian ballet dancer Nikolai Rostov in the popular television series "Family Colby : Dynasty" . Our guest artist is not the first time. To work again drew his " Russian Schwarzenegger " - Alexander Nevsky . The correspondent of " Echo" spoke with the actor in Moscow , which hosted the Russian part of the filming of Hollywood thriller " Black Rose ".- Tell us about your character in "Black Rose" .- I 'm a police officer in Los Angeles and most of the picture chasing the main killer. Everyone, including me , suspect that the culprit is a Russian , because they killed a girl in West Hollywood exclusively Russian . Therefore, it was decided to invite the aid of Russian officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department . As a result, in the picture of the killer looks for the whole international company detectives.- How was it working with the Russian ?- On set is very important to me that the people I work with , were close to me in spirit. It is important to feel comfortable and to all supported each other .- Russian were professional enough for you ?- Working here with a Russian team , from the fixtures to the make-up was just as comfortable and cool as in America and other countries where I have worked .- What was the most difficult test for you on this set?- To be honest , I must say that I met on the way of serious difficulties. This is already my second job with Alexander Nevsky , and I was again in stunning professional team of lovely people . No complications were not. The main challenge was probably the direct work on the role.- This role was interesting enough for you ? The history of the character was really dramatic ?- Yes , the drama was enough. The development of the role of my character was pretty interesting.- At one time you played football professionally . Perhaps you would have been a good career . Why did you quit playing ?- I left the sport because it was too much politics . In this world, too often people have formed a career , not because they are talented athletes , and their ability to find a common language with the right people. In order to break into the world of football , we need communication . Let me tell you a secret : When I was young, I was very shy , perhaps even too much. In order to find an approach to all kinds of sponsors out there , I had neither the patience nor the ability to " make friends" with uninteresting people to me .- I want you to confess , when I was seventeen , I have been in love without memory . It seems to me that at that time in Duncan MacLeod in Russia was loved by many girls. Surely there is still some fan Adrian Paul . Do you know anything about this?- I am , of course, it's scary good , but , oddly enough , in Russia 's official fan club not. More often than not I communicate with my fans through pages in social networks, "Twitter" and " Facebook ". While this is enough .- Do you think you played the character Duncan MacLeod helped your career or , on the contrary , you forever cemented in the form of brutal men fireproof ?- I do not know , helped me mountaineer or not, but I'm really grateful for what she has given me the opportunity to play in this series . This is the role I played for many years and it has helped me become a real professional. This job has taught me to step back from the role in the game and see what is happening from the outside.- Adrian , you have not changed , maybe you really are immortal ? You want to afford such a fate?- No ... I would not want to live forever. Watch as dying your relatives and friends , a small pleasure . To eternal life, I would agree only if b and my family could live with me forever.- Uncover the secret of some .- I'm scared like chocolate , however, is not such a big secret . Sorry, no more secrets I can not open .Interviewed by El PolyakovEcho of the Planet , № 31, 2013

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