Sunday, February 16, 2014

Apocalypse Pompeii: Interview with Director Ben Demaree

IL: The film stars two pretty well-known actors in John Rhys-Davies and Adrian Paul. How was your experience directing them and was there any time they flexed their muscle to change a particular scene?
Ben: Adrian Paul was a total blast to work with. He cares a lot about the story and staying true to the moment. Because of his experience I could talk to him in short hand and adjustments were quick and easy as we filmed. He added a lot of verisimilitude to his performance. And John Rhys-Davies? He’s always fantastic. This was actually my second time working with him, as I was a cinematographer on another film with him shot a year prior called 100 Degrees Below Zero. He and I had the best time coming up with improv for his scenes. When I got back to LA to do post I heard a lot of people in the Asylum offices quoting his lines. So I knew it was funny and played well. Over the years I've shot films that had difficult stars that threw productions into a tizzy, but thankfully both Adrian and John are consummate professionals and they made my first film such a fun experience.

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