Saturday, June 21, 2014

Artist E Vil Rzk Raising Money for Peace Fund

Commissions are Open!
Okay folks so here is the deal... I -REALLY- want to go to Dragoncon asThe Winter Soldier with my fellow Bucky... but I am really poor. SO! I am opening Commissions. 15 Con Badge slots only!!! $30 each. Full color. Laminated. With a Lanyard. Description and Character name needed. Shipping to the US and Canada included. For shipping overseas just add $5. Everything is shipped out priority mail with a tracking number. I work on them on the weekend and ship them out Monday.
For examples of my art, see Photo Albums. 
ALSO because I -LOVE- to do charity work. $5 of every commission is going to go to Adrian Paul's The Peace Fund!!! So even if you don't want to get a commission, but still want to help his cause, then you can go direct to his page and make a donation!

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