Thursday, September 4, 2014

Contacts for Peace Fund Paintball

I just got a call from Gary Baum; he owns He made his living in
the painball industry for 20+ yrs. He is recomending that we call:

GI Sportz Mfrg
HK Army Mfg
Dynsty Pro Team
Paintball X3 Magazine  (Gary Baum)

Also, David Reaper Justin wants to speak to Adrian. He's been involved in paintball for 8 yrs and he has recruited several of the players who have already signed up. David has organized charity games in the past. and has a paintball league; he stopped by the office in Sherman Oaks a month ago and left some info but didn't hear back.

Ethan has the contact names and phone numbers.

*I've removed all postings in the private paintball facebook groups. I recruited David from those rooms; most of those signing up now are his close friends or people in these private facebook rooms.

I did NOT post any inaccurate info? (this is David's room & example of what I posted) (See Aug 3) (See Aug 3)

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