Sunday, April 2, 2017

Adrian Filming Marcus Warren's Snap-Shot

SNAP SHOT - is a taut mystery thriller that reunites a self-indulgent group of eight friends in London for a birthday party on the eve of a traditional hunting trip. 
The evening becomes charged with a whole new meaning as the group is rejoined by Julia Kelso, a razor sharp investigative television journalist recovering from a harrowing abduction while on assignment abroad, that has transformed her into a hardened, guarded and cautious woman. Having not all gathered together for a couple of years, since the last fateful hunting trip taken by the men of the group - Oliver Kirkwood, Geoffrey Hall, Rupert Colherne, Colin Filmount and their mentor, the slightly older, charismatic life-long hunter Harry Ames, whereby Geoffrey mistakenly shot and killed a total stranger innocently walking in the forest. Old tensions soon resurface, a result of Geoffrey's crippling guilt. The party soon turns into a compelling 'whodunit' as unresolved resentments, intrigue and suspicions boil over in this small group, as Julia covertly tries to extract the truth of what really happened, while hiding her own secrets.

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