Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cast Your Vote for New Highlander DVD Set

Last Chance to CAST YOUR VOTE....

Did you miss your chance to vote for your FAVORITE Highlander TV Episode? The polls are open again! Help create the new Fan Favorites DVD Set by clicking on a season below to vote!
Voting ended
Here are your favorites...
Season 1: The Gathering (28%)
Band of Brothers (16%)
The Hunters (10%)
Season 2: Pharaoh's Daughter (16%)
The Return of Amanda (15%)The Zone (13%)
Season 3: Samurai (28%)
Finale, Part II (27%)Methos (26%)
Season 4: Homeland (32%)
Something Wicked (19%)Methuselah's Gift (9%)
Season 5: Comes A Horseman (20%)
Duende (20%)Prophecy (20%)
Season 6: Not To Be (25%)
To Be (14%)Indiscretions (11%)

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