Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Lost Colony" to Air on Sci Fi Channel

Director Mark Lester isn’t currently handling directorial duties of any films, though he’s producing a few. Lost Colony is a period piece involving a trio of wraith’s attacking a small village in the 1500s. The second is a Yeti creature feature. Both are due for release this year direct-to-cable, and likely the Sci-Fi channel will be the network. American World is anticipating either late Summer or early Fall air date.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the update on The Lost Colony. I was pleased to find your page when I Goggled "lost colony paul". The video invterview with Adrian at the Grand Slam in Burbank was nice. I was there too with my grandson. We had a blast. Thanks, Rosanna

SHERYL said...

Your welcome. Nice to hear that you found me in Google.