Wednesday, July 25, 2007

R.R. Martin's "The Stone City" (Ebook)

Adrian is planning to read a story called "The Stone City" for the "Dreamsongs" audio book as reported at the APFC forum board at

The human crew of the faster-than-light ship Pegasus are on an exploratory mission to the galactic core when they are stranded at the edge of the manrealm, their ship confiscated by the fox-like Dun'lai ... one of the many bizarre alien species dwelling on the desert planet Grayrest. The desolate world is the rumored home of an ancient alien civilization, their legacy being an immense abandoned city of stone. After a year of hardship and tragedy, only two members of the Pegasus crew have not given up hope, and are convinced that the Dun'lai will release their ship, or get them a berth in another ship ... any ship will do ... in exchange for a map of the Stone City. But neither are willing to descend into the underlayers of the city, where the captain went exploring and never came back.

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Mr. Martin's mentions Adrian in his journal:

Other stories to be read by Adrian include:
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