Monday, July 30, 2007

HereTV's "Tides of War" DVD Giveaway

Tides of War aired on HereTV in 2005. Adrian portrayed the role of COMMANDER BURT HABLEY, an American attack submarine commander. When an enemy submarine with stealth capabilities attacks his submarine, he loses two of his crew, including his best friend. After a military inquiry, tensions with North Korea come to a head, and he is once again asked to captain the sub and lead it deep into enemy territory on a secret mission. Also cast is Matthew St. Patrick ("Six Feet Under") as COMMANDER STEVEN BARKER and Catherine Dent ("The Shield") as LT. CLAIRE TRIFOLI and Matt Battaglia ("Spanglish") as MALONE. Adrian was very excited to play this part because not only was it a military role, but a very challenging one as well. Keep checking back for details on the release.

**Thank you to Merrie Gail.

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