Saturday, August 4, 2007

Itunes Releases "Highlander:The Source" Soundtrack

The CD include original Score by George Kallis. Songs by different artists (including a Queen cover) -Artist Interviews -Interactive Digital Booklet.
Kallis recorded a total of 85 minutes of original score out of which about 48 minutes made it onto the official release and distributed among 9 score cues and contain 9 songs, irrelevant to Kallis’ original music for the movie.
“Highlander: the Source” is a genuinely rare work of impressive grandness and originality, an adrenaline-packed modern epic combination of orchestral writing with heavy rock elements and effective sound design. George went beyond any expectations with this one for numerous reasons but primarily because this musical work glories in its distinct and genuine musical character, attained through its unusual but imaginative and powerful instrumentation as well as its fluid and varicolored nature which manages to captivate and engage the listener in an authentically diverse and lush musical journey. $9.99

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mary alice...impy said...

Will there be a soundtrack CD made of the music from The Source? I love the music but have no idea what in the heck Itunes is