Sunday, August 5, 2007

Interview: Adrian Paul from the Set of "Eyeborgs"

Adrian Paul tells Mark Burger:

Juggling two (or more) projects at once is nothing new in filmmaking, but "this is the first time I've ever done it," Paul admits. "It's a little like switching hats, but if you do a lot of prep-work, it's easy to go back and determine for yourself: These are the parameters."

On the surface, there's not much in common between Eyeborgs and The Heavy, but Paul does respond to the political subtext of both projects. "In The Heavy I play a quintessential English character and in this I play a quintessential American character - and I like that."
Despite his popularity on "Highlander," Paul admits that he's not necessarily a fantasy aficionado. "I liked the script," he says of Eyeborgs. "I was pleasantly surprised."

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mary alice...impy said...

interesting synopsis. Looks like both movies will be well made and hopefully make the big screen and not directly to DVD. Adrian deserves to be seen on the big screen