Monday, August 23, 2010

Adrian Visits Sardinia, Italy

Thank you to Angela for this translation:

Paul, actor, director, producer, well known to the Italian tv public as the very famous Highlander, is in Italy to choose the location where to shoot his new film, Basel Legacy. The script is about a village which is dying and thanks to its Mayor and the arrival of a stranger, finds the strength to reconstruct. The film reveals the message that unless the ground is fertile nothing can grow. The shooting will start in May and will take about eight months. The names of the actors are still top secret.

After six years as the Highlander, Adrian, Florentine mother and English father, did 12 films and a tv series in Canada. He is not a young man, but he remains evergreen thanks to the psycho physical philosophy he has based his life on, enriched by his experience in the area of martial arts and, for the last ten years, by the presence of his companion Alexandra Tonelli, interior designer and look maker, half Philippine, a little Italian and also Hungarian, born in Canada (in the video with Adrian) and by the birth of Angelisa, 8 months old (in the photograph with her parents and a friend of Adrian’s, Engineer Enzo de Feo, an international patent creator).

It was actually Alexandra who advised Adrian on his look for Highlander The Source (2006) and it was always her who chose the style of their house, a mix of antique and modern, in which it was the space which “suggested” to Alexandra the right mood.

Adrian is a man who is very aware also of the social aspects of life, and is busy with humanitarian organisations such as Peace, to protect, educate and help children, thanks to the intervention and examples of international stars who, as Adrian, visited schools to advertise their healthy lifestyle. He is well known for his commitment to children after the Thailand Tsunami of 2004, where his brother still lives and who lost all during the Tsunami and also for the Haitian cause.

Adrian divides his time between London, where his mother and one of his brothers still live, Los Angeles, Hungary where he has his cinematographic business together with his partner and Thailand where his other brother lives.

“I love developing ideas as a creative producer” said Adrian whom I met at the Arbatax Park in Sardinia “ I owe my equilibrium to a long journey towards maturity and research on myself, which started many years ago”.

Before doing Highlander, I did boxing and Thaikuando to defend myself, then I went on, to develop a style for Duncan Macleod, to Hun gar and then to the Shoaling method. However martial arts can be compared to a painter who uses not only one colour but many to design a whole harmonic painting of himself.


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