Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AP Recording Voice Over for "Bali, Sacred & Secret"

Release: November 25, 2010
Studio:GS and Lava Productions
Directed By Basil Gelpke
Produced By:Julian Shori

Plot: The film is aspiring to capture Bali's constantly changing face in all its spirituality, complexity and polarity. At its core is the celestial cycle of a year on Bali as reflected in its ceremonies both sacred and secret that charge the island with its precious spiritual energy. Interwoven with this yearly cycle are the cycles of the soul from when the Balinese are born until the die, only to be reborn again. Having enjoyed unprecedented access the documentary provides its viewers with a unique insight into the islandʼs spiritual life. Bali Hinduism traces its roots to the ancient Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom of Majapahit. The Balinese do not simply believe in reincarnation but embrace it as a fact of their existence on earth. This conviction deeply determines their way of life.

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